Price & Order

As the images were designed for narrow windows, they can be combined and cropped as you wish to cover a wide window (for example images New York 1 and New York 2 can be grouped and part of the image New York 2 can be cropped etc.). Our designer services are free.

что такое ширина штапика

“HoleRoll” roller blinds can be 2 types:

  1. Open (reeled on the tube fabric is visible).
  2. Closed (reeled on the tube fabric is hidden under the plastic stuff).

Each “HollerRoll” roller blind is made-to-measure. Maximum height is 1750 mm. Width of roller blind’s fabric is equal to the width of the glazing bead, as pictured. Please use the form below to calculate the price (product width should be rounded upwards to the nearest value).


Despite the fact that the manufacturing process is expensive and technically difficult, the price of “HoleRoll” roller blinds does not exceed the price of quality comparable ordinary roller blinds.

It is also possible to manufacture blinds with non-standard dimensions and images. For details, please contact us via the page "Contacts".